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» Comics - pg10 - 2008 Aug 27 02:07 pm

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The Management Says:
Imola, 2008 Aug 27 02:21 pm ( Reply )


As you can see I' m not quuiiite satisfied with the font myself... thus trying out another one which isn' t much better in my opinion... But the moment I find the correct combination of lettering and bubbling I' ll edit back all of the pages, promise.
Now, the question before I go raid Blambot: is there a font anyone would recommend? Or, should I use computer made fonts at all? The bubbles could be done by hand, and they really would fit the page better that way... the problem is how to edit bubbles like that and that they would get in the way of drawing. (Past experiences, does anyone remember Malcontents written by Evil Emperor Nick? ;) ) And that led me to the conclusion that maybe I should use my own handwriting...
Well, not if there' s a nice font.
The other question is: who is for and who is against hand-made ballons? How do you get the balloon' s size right?

Last question: what do you do to be able to use a font after you downloaded it?


ChocoFlake: Well then, if I ever put up their story I' ll let you know! ;D

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User Comments:
Heldrad, 2008 Aug 27 03:08 pm ( Reply )

I think the "ale & wenches" font would suit your story very much! :D or the "Paperboy" one as well. As for ballons, I'd suggest you to draw them by hand, it shows more personality and feeling, and you can draw them the way you want~
I draw everything by computer, so I usually use simple ellipses with a little tail drawn by hand.
You could also use your own handwriting if your satisfied with it! :D I could never do that because mine is so horrible xDDD

And after you download the font, you just need to unzip the files and move them to the fonts folder in the WINDOWS main folder.

ChocoFlake, 2008 Aug 27 05:50 pm ( Reply )

Whoaaa... what kind of food is that? ._.
I love the first panel *___*

Yay, let me know if you put up that story *.*

SoulReason, 2008 Aug 27 10:22 pm ( Reply )

beautiful art as always <3
reptile for dinner! :D

yeaka, 2008 Aug 30 06:27 pm ( Reply )

i like the fonts "anime ace" and "wild west" - that's what i use for mine, anyway. ^^; i also prefer hand-drawn balloons, but that's all opinion. as for getting the balloon sizes right, it mostly comes with practice - or you make adjustments in photoshop. Heldrad's right about how to access the fonts, too. :)

anywho, what odd speech patterns this main character has. X3 very interesting. i'm very fond of her appearance; especially her eyes and hair. but this new girl also has a neat design. i'm liking the way you draw the fantasy touches... anywho, keep up the lovely work~ :3

Imola, 2008 Sep 04 06:50 am ( Reply )

Heldrad: Thank you very much, for the next pages I' ll try my own handwriting and balloons and we' ll see how that works out. :)

ChocoFlake: Lizaaaaaard! Filled with flies, goes well with marmalade and pepper. XP
I think maybe next summer.

Soulreason: And what a reptile! Crunchy, well-done, good for your health!

yeaka: There' s a reason for that odd speach pattern. ;)

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