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» Comics - pg09 - 2008 Aug 21 04:07 pm

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The Management Says:
Imola, 2008 Aug 21 04:26 pm ( Reply )

And thus ends the soft drink advertisement as she forgot to concentrate...

The "building" (in reality: "growing") in the previous page is the home of the witch whose apprentice she is; and she is simply surprised because, even though this is just a fantasy world, it' s still unusual that someone grills their breakfast practically on your doorstep.

Also, I guess this isn' t going to be mentioned by the characters themselves so maybe I should explain:Potato, the mane dragon had a little illness and that' s why he was put at a place where he could recover in peace... and also because dragon diarrhea is rather uncomfortable. Judging from his appetite he' ll be fine in a couple of days, though.

I' ll be going to see my grandmother for a number of days and also, my computer is going to be exchanged for a better one. Which isn' t too hard to do as this compy died on me about 3 times this year already and the last time it did it killed off about 75% of my data, including all of my music. That means I have no idea when the next update will be, but if there isn' t a new page by next Thursday you will know that the old computer fought back against forcible eviction.


spiralfanatic: I try my best with backgrounds, the main problem with them is that they aren' t quite as interesting as face expressions... ^_^;

Heldrad: I will put up a world page soon, so you will be able to see most of the thoughts that went into this. ;)

Morichi: Thank you! *hug*

*milk+assassin*: Yup, it' s all in pencil, though I wouldn' t say it' s too fast, it' s just that it' s still summer break.

ChocoFlake: I actually also have a project that has fairies and gnomes... I mean gnomehoppers in them! ;) You can see a couple pictures about them at my dA page.

ringo: 7 pages at the time... that title page has eeeevil eyes... I mean I' m lazy to do it. ^_^;

Mousey: Now there are the first words! :D well, hmmmm... *scratches her head*

redikurai: I don' t have a ring, but I do have a ringfinger. ;) Thank you very much! *hug*

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User Comments:
ChocoFlake, 2008 Aug 21 06:02 pm ( Reply )

Yeah,I've already visited your DA gallery, and I have to say that all your drawings are gorgeous. I wish I could draw like you. I guess I'll have to practice a lot...

OH, and lovely page, as always. I'm glad I faved this =)

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