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» Comics - pg08 - 2008 Aug 17 05:47 am

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The Management Says:
Imola, 2008 Aug 17 05:56 am ( Reply )

The point of playing with water is...

A little water doll. Well, not so little. :D It' s supposed to be Potato, the mane dragon from page one. And it' s still just playing.


A-chan: Thank you, I like doing them since it goes quite fast! ^_^

Heldrad: I do use refernce photoes. I do the part from it that intrigues me on a piece of paper and after I got the hang of how to do that part of scenery I sit down to work on my own picture.

Okay, I' ve sent the music to you through the mail I' ve found here in your profile.

yoko molotov: Thank you lots! :)

SoulReason: Backgrounds are killers most of the time, but clouds are love. XD

TacoTotes: Ohhh, from P4S! How goes choosing a title? I definitely vote for sticking with the old one if there aren' t any problems from that. Though In-Between Days is nice too.

ChocoFlake: Thank you very much!

yeaka: It' s still summer so I want to work on it a lot until I can. ^_^ And Stitches is lovely with or without compliments! Maybe they sounded just that but I actually am impressed with it! :)

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User Comments:
spiralfanatic, 2008 Aug 17 08:51 am ( Reply )

your art is beautiful & I love the background and rustic color.

Heldrad, 2008 Aug 17 10:52 am ( Reply )

awesome!!! and wow! you really put a lot of thought into your work *u*, that's so cool!!
thanks for the music as well!! I already got it >u< oh, Potato is so cute! x333

Morichi, 2008 Aug 17 12:21 pm ( Reply )

This is awesome...your art is really pretty....I'm faving..can't wait for more!!!

*milk+assassin*, 2008 Aug 17 12:55 pm ( Reply )

oh my goodnes!This comic is...is so PURE!Not contaminated with any of those bad things around SJ!I respect nad love you for that!So u actually draw the whole thing by pencil?AND SO FAST?!u are just incredible!

ChocoFlake, 2008 Aug 17 03:44 pm ( Reply )

Lovely page! The last panel is my favourite, 'cause I really love fantasy and I can't help but remember when I was little and I used to read stories about gnomes, fairies...Umm... Wait a moment... I still read them!

ringo, 2008 Aug 18 04:31 pm ( Reply )

WOW. these whole eight pages are just beauty upon beauty. such delicate drawings.

Mousey, 2008 Aug 20 01:32 am ( Reply )

Ahhh, goodness, your style is both beautiful and inspiring, in its own way. Your pencil work is stunning. :3 And I love how a story is still being told, even without words. :D
And I love Potato. >w< <3

redikurai, 2008 Aug 20 12:18 pm ( Reply )

*speachless for the first time in her life*
wow it looks like aged paper thats really cool i love how you drew the water. I suck at water which is probably why I am in awe of it. This lowly commener bows at your feet, and kissed the ring on your left pinkey to pay respect (like the mafia boss or the pope. lol)continue your awsomeness

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