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» Comics - pg01 - 2008 Aug 06 10:16 am

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The Management Says:
Imola, 2008 Aug 06 10:29 am ( Reply )


I' ve done the big no-no of webcomic creation and started this without any backup and a real plan... but I' m pretty sure it' s going to be fun nevertheless. And if there is anyone ever going to take a peak or make a comment at this I' ll be all the more motivated to continue. ^_^

As for now, I' m not sure if this is going to be 200 pages or just 20... originally it was a dream interesting enough to make me want to draw it; and that would make it the latter. But then came the addition: numerous little scenes in my head... So here I am, hoping it would turn out a little more than another dead story. :)

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User Comments:
Miriette Le Fay, 2008 Aug 09 06:05 am ( Reply )

Your art is amazing!
I will fave your webcomic!

Imola, 2008 Aug 09 06:07 am ( Reply )

Thank you very much for your kindness! *hugs*

Imola, 2008 Aug 14 01:46 pm ( Reply )

His name is Potato. ^_^

Greki, 2008 Aug 27 03:28 pm ( Reply )

Amazing! Although, for some reason it seems very familiar to me. I don't know from where, though. And I don't know when. I think I saw this pic sometime before. xD Anyway, great job!

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